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image_1Terryco was started in the early 90's

In the early 90's Terry was attending a trade show where he met a gentleman who was selling an automatic door opener for residential use. Seeing the simplicity of how this door opener was built and the ease of how it would install peaked his interest to no end. He told people about it, thought about it and couldn't stop thinking about it. Thus the new adventure in life began.

Terryco was the first Distributor for Gentleman Door Company and with that the joy of watching a company grow from a product that by today's standards was about as crude as it could get but worked like nothing seen before on the market. Soon it became clear that the we could help more people than possibly imagined and we embarked on making the product more appealing.

We were doing trade shows throughout the Northeast and had the joy of meeting people from all walks of life were excepting us with open arms. It was then that I new I had found my calling in life.

I didn't then and I don't today see it as a calling in life to become a rich man but as someone that can help others who can benefit from what I am offering them. To enable a person the ability to go to work or simply open the door for fresh air.

Top Choice Company

The Best Products

After 20-plus years Terryco still has the desire to be able to enable others to have greater independence, receive the best product possible for the least amount of money and more importantly have a product that was designed to last for many years, is simple to service and should the person move they can take it with them and re-install it on the next door in most cases.

Our Reputation

Our reputation has enabled us to provide and install our products in such places as Ursinus College, Syracuse University, Jefferson Community College and more office buildings and apartment houses than I remember. More importantly we have probably automated over 2000 doors in the Northeast for individuals on there apartments and homes as well.

In closing

I would like to say that it always was my personal goal to offer the best product for the dollar but more importantly to offer the best followup service possible.

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