Companies Across the Syracuse Area Participate in Disability Mentoring Day

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Companies across the Syracuse area are offering a unique opportunity to disabled job-seekers and students Wednesday.

About 40 different businesses are participating in Disability Mentoring Day, which kicked off with a breakfast this morning.

The annual event gives people with disabilities a chance to learn about different jobs and fields, and exposes them to the work world. It also helps educate businesses and their employees about what it means to work with a person with a disability.

"It's interesting because I think although offer people think it's the job seeker that is the one who is going to learn the most, often it is the mentors at the businesses in our community who learn something," said Jeffrey Tamburo, greater Syracuse coordinator for Disability Mentoring Day.

And we're proud to say Time Warner Cable News participated in Mentoring Day, welcoming two guests to our station in Syracuse. In all, about 90 participants visited work-sites across Syracuse.

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