The Automatic Door opener, Why don’t the Disabled shop here?

Automatic Door's for public access is not a matter of whether you should automate your business or church for public access but how can you afford to do it.

That has always been an issue for many people and small businesses.

The second issue is what door operator should you be looking for to make your business accessible to people who are disabled or simply making it accessible for people with pets, packages, senior citizens or because you want to.

I just recently did an estimate for a doctors office that had a company give them an estimate of $20,000 per door for automation. I truly thought the doctor was joking until they handed me the estimate. Granted no one can automate a door for the cost of a loaf of bread but door automation does not have to be expensive.

First decide how you want the doors to be controlled. This can be anything from a simple button on either side of the door that when depressed the door will open and after a preset time the door will close. Or it can be a motion detector that when a person approaches the door it will open automatically when it detects a person in the path of the door.

Or possibly you only want to automate the door for the staff of the building. This can be done with a hand held fob, keypad, remote control or most any access you may want to use for controlling an automatic door opener.

How much should it cost is totally dependent upon the brand of operator, features you are asking for, company doing the install and sad but true the area that you live in.

For a typical Automatic Door Opener with standard ADA wall buttons Terryco charges in the range of around $2200.00 for the complete installation of a door opener in a commercial environment. Is this a fair price? Yes when you consider the retail of most of the competition and more importantly the life expectancy of the operators they offer. Terryco has been selling and installing Gentleman Door Company products for over 20 years. Most all the door openers that we installed 20 years ago are still being used. There are very few competitors that can come even close to meeting these standards. We have been told by competitors that the average lifespan of a door opener is 5-10 years. Within the world of electro mechanical door openers that is true. But if you use pneumatics like Gentleman Door does you are using technology that is over 100 years old and still used in the manufacturing industry because it's reliability.

Pneumatics are one reason why we are able to keep our cost down yet provide a product that will give you many years of satisfaction with little if any maintenance.

We do offer electro mechanical door openers for situations where our products are simply not suited for the type of install required and be the first to admit they are easier to install but cost more.

Terryco encourages people who are contemplating installing an automatic door to please get as many estimates as possible from our competitors and then call us. Don't ask the competition what there views are on pneumatics but ask the customers of Terryco and Gentleman Door Company for references. Our competition have never installed our products but our customers have. So how can they honestly tell you how our product works or if it is reliable?

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