Patio Doors & Windows

Sliding Door / Window Operator & Patio Doors Cost $500 For a 5 or 6-ft patio door, $600.00 For an 8-ft. Patio door Sliding doors, double hung windows, sliding windows and pocket doors can be economically automated with the Gentleman Sliding Door Operator.

This system maintains normal operation including the conventional lock. Unlike mechanical operators, NOTHING must be disconnected to utilize these features. In some cases a remote controlled locking device can be incorporated at an additional cost Like the Single Actor, many of our sales are direct to end users who have a family member or a local handyman that can do the installation for them.

Standard Kit Components: Linear Actuator, Liftmaster controls, control box, tubing, fittings and hardware.

Options: Large actuator for 4 foot openings on large sliding doors. Remote lock and controls.

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