Residential Door Openers

Residential Automatic Door Operator

The Single Acting Barrier Free System provides the most economical automatic door automation available for residential swing doors.

Key Features:

Easily retrofits to existing swing door
Does not interfere with the existing door hardware Door can be manually operated with little resistance from the door closure.  Low profile !! (mounts on door jam instead of on header) Silent operation, Extremely reliable (90-day unconditional warranty, one year warranty on mechanical components) Activated by remote control. Door strike release included also allows door to remain locked when not in use.  Little or no maintenance, Integrates with ECU systems, X-10, Lutron and more. Property owners are more apt to approve over other door operators due to its way of installing No cutting of doorframe for strike release as we do not use electric strikes Easily interfaces with existing electric strikes

Optional features:
Adapted remote controls for single switch access

Works with offset hinges or swing away hinges

Special Assist cylinder for doors with electric strikes or magnetic weather stripping

Optional 12 or 24 DC or AC solenoid for special interface with alternative devices

Optional Timer assembly for users that do not want to depress button a second time to close the door

Door width: Works on doors measuring up to 42” wide
Door weight: Works on doors weighing up to 240-lbs
Drive system: Pneumatically driven
Controller: 110-volt AC solenoid valve
Closer: Commercial grade number-2 door closure
Power required: 110-VAC outlet within 15-20 feet of door
Air supply required: 80-lbs PSI constant
Airline used: 5/32” in diameter plastic airline used
Range of remote: Remote can send signal up to 150-ft from door
Opening: Opens door 90-degrees

What’s included ?
Hardware to open / automate door
Door closure
Latch release
Remote control

Whats NOT included ?
We do not include the labor or the air source. We recommend using the California Air Tools compressors with our products for the simple reason they are durable and extremely quiet as far as compressors are concerned. Depending on the number of openings a day and number of doors to be automated will determine what compressor we can recommend to you.

How does it work?
The Single Actor is without a doubt the simplest door operator on today’s market in our opinion. It is operated in the following fashion.
1) A person depresses the button on the remote control
2) The solenoid that turns the air on allows the air to enter the system
3) Immediately after depressing the remote the latch release will protrude of which will release the latch that is holding the door closed.
4) A split second later the door will then open and remain open until you depress the remote a second time turning the air off.
5) At this point the air bleeds and the mechanical door closure will then close and relock the door.

What does it Cost:

Option A)

Gentleman Door "Single Actor" with remote control, latch release and naked controls $450.00 This is everything you need to automate a door that does not have magnetic weather stripping, a heavy sweep, or electric strike and is hung properly. You supply the labor and compressor

Option B)
Gentleman Door “Single Actor” with remote control, latch release, assist cylinder and naked controls $500.00 This is everything you need to automate your door when you have magnetic weather stripping, a heavy sweep or electric strike installed except the labor and compressor

Option C)
Gentleman Door “Single Actor” with remote control and latch release assist cylinder and controls in a cosmetically appealing control box for when you have no place to hide naked controls $575.00 You supply the labor and compressor

Option D)
Gentleman Door “Single Actor” with Assist Cylinder, Latch release, Hand held remote and low voltage timer assembly in a cosmetically appealing control box.  $625.00 You supply the compressor and labor

The above listed prices include shipping and handling within the 48-continental United States

None of the above listed prices include installation or the air compressor.  Installation is additional and something we will gladly assist with if so desired.

There are to many variables for us to include the compressor but we will gladly make recommendations as to what compressor will best suit your needs.

Special Note:

If you have an application that is not seen above we can custom build you a system for most any situation you may have. Please feel free to contact Terry at


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